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Caroline Cooper

Founder of Humble Warrior Yoga


A Bit About Me

Hi lovely and welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I'm Caroline, a 47-year old single mum, Yoga Teacher, Menopause Coach, and a passionate advocate for women's health especially from perimenopause and beyond. I live in the beautiful county of Derbyshire, UK but you can join me from anywhere in the world!

My yoga journey began in 2016 when I was really struggling with my mental health. As a lifelong sufferer of anxiety and depression I turned to yoga and was completely shocked by the positive effect the practice had on both my mental and physical health. I very quickly knew I would like to become a yoga teacher so that I could share all the amazing benefits with others and I completed my initial 200hr teacher training in 2019.

In 2020 when the pandemic struck I was very reluctant to move my classes online as I knew nothing about tech whatsoever and I mean NOTHING! I had bought my first laptop to complete my teacher training assignments and they took me an absolute age to complete!

After a couple of months once I realised covid wasn't going anywhere I decided to start a YouTube channel and post videos for my regulars and then after another 6 or so months ventured on to Zoom. It may not seem much to some people but I am immensley proud of how far I've come in terms of learning how to use tech and what I have achieved with my YouTube channel.

Since my 200hr training I have since gone on to do further trainings in Yin Yoga, Fertility Yoga, Menopause Yoga, Women's Health Coaching, Menopause Coaching, Yoga for Anxiety, Depression and Trauma.

All my offerings are now online and curated specifically for perimenopausal and beyond women. I understand first hand the challenges of this stage of life having struggled with my own perimenopausal symptoms - hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog, extreme fatigue, aching joints, erratic periods etc. This led to me embarking on further training to learn more about what my body and mind are going through and now it's my mission to to share my learnings and empower other women to thrive through yoga, breath and mindfulness. 

When I'm not on the yoga mat you'll either find me working in a supermarket or frantically busy trying to keep up with the demands of my amazing 11 year old daughter and our pet Axolotl Sushi! You might even catch a glimpse of them in the background during my classes or on YouTube as I teach all my sessions from the comfort of my living room, creating a warm and welcoming space for you to join me on your wellness journey.

I look forward to welcoming you in to the community, Much Love,

Caroline ❤

Collage of photo's of Caroline Cooper of Humble Warrior Yoga, her daughter and pet Axolotl Sushi
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