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Menopause Yoga

Introduction to yoga for menopause

4 Week Course £30

( With Replays )

Over 4 weeks join me for an introduction to yoga for menopause and beyond.

Explore practices designed to embrace the changes your body is experiencing through focusing on gentle movement, breathwork and mindfulness techniques that aid in finding balance and ease during this stage of life.

But that's not all ! Between sessions you'll receive a thoughtful "checking in" email containing shorter specially curated breath, movement and minfulness videos. These resources are aimed at supporting your well-being and enhancing your practice, providing you with tools to cultivate a deeper connection with you body and mind throughout the week. Also, at the end of each session you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Can't make the live classes?

Don't worry, you can still sign up and get the replays. You can even email me any questions which i'll be sure to answer for you.

Invest in yourself and embark on this transformative journey and rediscover a sense of harmony, strength and peace within yourself.

Embrace this beautiful phase of life with confidence and vitality through the wisdom of yoga and empower yourself to thrive during menopause and beyond ! 

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