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Roozbeh Nabiei

" The class had a really good structure and the way Caroline teaches is really easy to follow. I really like the way she describes the movements and the sequence was lovely and flowed really well. I love the venue so much as well- I found it really added to the mood and the energy of the class. Thank-you so much Caroline! "

Grace Knighton

"Thank-you so much for having us in your class Caroline, I loved every second. I love your relaxed attitude in the way you teach and your knowledge of yoga, the postures and modifications to suit every body shines through in the way you teach. You made me feel so welcome from the moment I walked in. Towards the end of class, a wave of bliss just washed over me and I even had a little cry! Thank-you for being the kind, caring, compassionate person you are; I can’t wait to be back at class soon."

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