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Phil Isherwood

This poem really speaks to me at present.

Read it again with open eyes, an open heart and open mind.

What do the words say to you?

Do they provoke a willingness to do better, be better maybe?

Did it move you?

Does it bring up any thoughts or feelings, even experiences for you?

There is no right or wrong.

The words may speak to you or may not.

If they do not resonate with you that's okay, no judgement here.

But are you judging yourself lately?

Are you judging others?

In this difficult time it is all too easy to get consumed with what others are doing or how they are behaving.

Can we collectively let a bit of that judgement go? If only for our own peace of mind.

We don't always see the full picture from our small window on the world and often too quickly pass judgement on others, but ultimately who does that have the biggest impact on? Ourselves.

Sometimes we are the very cause of our own suffering.

Can we learn to simply sit back and be responsible for only our own actions?

Can we try a little harder to be more accepting and open minded?

Once we begin the process of detoxifying our minds we create more space for kindness, nurturing, Love, joy and all the good stuff.

It is all within us already, sometimes we just need to dig a little deeper and remove the roots of the weeds.

Much love

Caroline x

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